Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Night Steam

This one is for Terry!

Found the wonderful video of a narrow gauge steam train in Romania.

Please visit here for loads of information! (and be prepared to spend a while!)

                                                                       Enjoy your trip! 



  1. Thank you for posting that great video. And the Romania information was great and as you comment, be prepared to spend a while.

  2. Thank You for this. Very interesting. There's not a lot of traffic on that track, or the grass would be mowed and the trees pruned to the profile of the train. Fresh grass and falling leaves make the rail very slippery, a little sand helps for traction. You can see the wheels slipping while they are making their drop. The link & pin coupler is very dangerous. Before the Railroad Safety Appliance Act, American railroads would hire employees by a show of hands, missing fingers meant that man was experienced. Cliff Merrit covered a lot of rail labor history in his comic book series. Thank You again.

    1. I meant to say I was impressed with the lack of smoke from that engine. They had it warmed up and running very efficiently, not wasting energy with a lot of smoke for the cameras.

    2. Had to look up Cliff Merritt! Thanks for the info!
      Found this on him for you:

      Glad you enjoyed the article, tallow pot!