Monday, July 16, 2018

Stuff you never think about

A lot of work goes into something I use almost every day!

But if you don't hang out your laundry, here are some tips how you can still use 'em:



  1. LOL - They're hanging 'em wrong. All heavy and long items are hung closer to the poles. Plus, any undergarments are hung on the inside lines so as not to offend the gentle sensibilities of anyone passing by. And remember those weird wire things Mom put in Dad's pants before she hung them to dry? Which didn't make any sense 'cause she dipped starched everything but our underwear and socks.

  2. Oh how I wire those remember the wire thingies for the slacks! Do you remember curtain stretchers? I still mix up my own spray starch, too! Can't stand sheets and pillow cases that are NOT ironed and starched! :o)

    1. Oh yes! And Mom's were sharp! I was lucky and had an older sister who 'got to' helped Mom stretch the curtains. I could be a painful operation.

      I don't do much starching anymore as Hubby's skin can't take it or the glow-in-the-dark bleaching of our undergarments like I was raised on.

    2. LOL! We must have been neighbors back then! :o)