Monday, April 30, 2018

Wacky weather....

Yesterday was cold and windy - didn't do much except for laundry and grocery shopping, but Saturday was just beautiful!!

 Charlie waiting to get out in the yard:


Found this by the rock wall:

Reseeding part of the grass in the front of the house. The netting will keep the 
 gang away until it starts to grow:

Surprised this made it through the Winter!

The dogwood:

 The iris plants are doing really good - can't wait until they bloom!

The gang just loves to eat melon rinds - Charlie is being nice by waiting for his turn!

'Supposed to get WARM later this week!



  1. Poor Charlie looks like one of those "naked necks."

    1. I just love that breed, Gorges - but it's just too darn cold here in the winter to have them. The chicks are so adorable!! Betty is the one that usually pecks Charlie's feathers. I don't know why he puts up with it...hen pecked??? :o)

  2. Looks nice to see some green and colors starting to pop:)) Its suppose to be near freezing again tonight they say, but then a nice warm up...I'm more than ready for that:))

    1. It IS lovely to see green! But.... we had snow showers this morning!!!