Monday, November 10, 2014

Charlie's dance...

Charlie has been a real pain in the butt lately. Saturday morning he attacked my leg when I went to give Lucy a treat.

Yesterday when they were all out in the yard, I picked Lucy up and this is what he did:

His stupid "dominance dance" around her when I put her down:

And he did it again:

Lucy just ignores him......


  1. Yep...never trust anyrhing with feathers n wings :))

    1. Your are too funny! :o) 'Hope all is well - missed 'ya!

    2. Ty.things are still unsettled ....hubby is home from hospital...he had 4 procedures in 2 days on his heart and has to wear a life saver vest for 3 months to allow his heart to heal and hopefully strengthen ...then he will have a pacemaker.

    3. Oh my goodness! You must have been frantic with worry! Saying prayers for his speedy recovery. So glad he is home an you can take care of him! You take care of yourself too. Keep us posted.