Monday, January 8, 2018

Unbelievably ..............

................ COLD yesterday!

Let the gang out to eat, went back and got the camera: 

I don't ever remember it being this cold for so long. The eggs in the pen were frozen solid. Charlie and the girls only come out to eat and then run back inside the coop. It is supposed to warm up in the middle of the week, but more snow is expected next week. I hope "they" are wrong.....


  1. Unbelievably cold is right!
    Looks like you have some frozen eggs there too.
    Do you have a heat source for their water? When we had our chickens, Pat rigged up an car engine heater for ours.

    We're in the upper 20's & low 30's here.
    Poor you!! Don't slip and fall! Those deck steps look slippery!

    1. engine block heater, that is.

    2. Yup! They were frozen - had to go to the store and BUY eggs-Grrrr..... Too much hay and straw in the coop for a heater - I just change the water a couple of times a day. It's snowing again now - but just lightly. Sigh.