Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Night Steam

One of the best Winter videos of 734 I have ever seen! Sit back, relax and enjoy!!

Picture Credit - Curt Beal 

Type: 2-8-0 Consolidation
    Year Built - 1916
    Built By - Baldwin Locomotive Works

    Fuel - Coal
    Boiler Pressure - 200lbs
    Driving Wheel Diameter - 57in
    Tractive Effort - 60,480lbs
    Top Speed - 50mph
    Road History - Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad, Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
    The 2-8-0 Consolidation class steam locomotives were among the most produced class of steam locomotive in the world. Almost every railroad in the United States had a class of Consolidation or bought some from a different railroad. The Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad ordered #34 in 1916. The LS&I Consolidation's are characterized by small driving wheels but large boilers, making them low speed, high power locomotives. While she's been modified by the WMSR over the years, she is still considered a LS&I locomotive.
    WMSR 734 is affectionately known as, "Mountain Thunder." The engine is loud and proud, powering the WMSR's trains on their hour long journey. She's been the workhorse of the WMSR for many years, since being bought from the Illinois Railway Museum in 1988 (IRM has sister locomotive LS&I 35). Despite growing numbers of tourists visiting the railroad, the engine has proven capable of handling long trains. Her flue time expired in April 2016. She will spend some time waiting at the WMSR shops for a rebuild while they finish their recently acquired 2-6-6-2 #1309 and fund raise for 734's rebuild.
Odd Fact:
    The 734 doesn't carry its original tender, instead using the re-purposed tender of a NYC Mohawk steam locomotive.


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    1. And the sweet anticipation when you hear that whistle a-blowing! :o)

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