Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Craft fair!!

Hubby and I wet to a craft fair in one of the local towns on Sunday.  It was fun but it seemed smaller this year. They will have another one in the fall.

The store itself is open all year:

Cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes: 

Tin stars are very popular around here:

Giant pine cones:

Old fashioned ice skates:

An old wooden checker board:

Seed posters:

My favorite candy when I was a kid (It cost a nickle back then)!

Some of the hand made crafts for sale:

Step stools:

Some of the tents selling goodies:

Almost bought these:

Country kittens:

Love how the drainpipe waters the flowers:

We'll probably go back in the fall. This is the only store in our area that sells my favorite soap! 



  1. Cant believe you passed up the chicken paraphanalia. Looks like a fun day! Your hydrangeas are beautiful!

    1. Alas, the hydrangeas were at the craft fair. The two bushes that I have here in Coopville did not bloom this year... maybe next year they will! :o)

  2. Fairs of all kinds are smaller here, too. No-one has had any money for a few years and people just aren't showing.

    1. The only things I bought home were a few bars of soap and some honey straws. The one in the fall will have a lot of holiday items for sale.

  3. I love a good craft fair or farmers market! One of the best things about summer.

    1. Just can't wait for the local veggie stand to open with all the wonderful goodies - especially the local corn and tomatoes!!! Yummy! :o)