Monday, November 5, 2018

Wanna build a Boeing?

Sure, you do!

Boeing produces over FORTY B-737 airplanes a month.  
That's about one every 18 hours.  
How do they do it ?  
A train arrives with the fuselage (main body section) in the morning. 
That starts a moving production line process that results in a completed plane, ready for flight testing, about 18 hours later. 
This  3  1⁄2 minute video shows the entire process and is truly fascinating. 
The motions of the humans and robots who build the plane are sped up.
Pilots and engineers will especially enjoy it..... but so will anyone !        



  1. Interesting, but a more accurate 'analysis' of the build would be to calculate the total man hours to build all of the separate parts and how many of them total up - this was just the final assembly of all those disparate parts. Still impressive though ;-)

    1. True about the man hours! Still mighty interesting, though - I've never been on a jet - just had a ride in a friend's piper cub several decades ago!

  2. CM,re never having flown on a jet, if we were supposed to fly at 500 MPH we would have been given 50,000 pounds of thrust. :)
    I have been on several jet aircraft assemble lines but never one like that. My visits were all before the moving assemble line. Have been in factories at Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed in both California (L1011) and Atlanta (C5 & C130). Very cool video.

  3. At different time and with different priorities, from Wiki.
    During WW-2 at Fords Willow Run plant,
    "Willow Run produced 650 B-24s per month with highest production listed as 100 completed Bombers flying away from Willow Run Between April 24 and April 26, 1944"
    "Ford was rolling a Liberator off the Willow Run production line every 63 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."