Friday, March 9, 2018


...... we sure did get a LOT of snow!!!!


These pics are a little blurry because I had my camera inside 
a plastic bag - it was just snowing too hard and I didn't want to get it wet:



The snow piled up on the run's fence made such a pretty pattern:


 Thursday morning:


 Have a seat!  :o)


 Hubby playing in the snow:


The top of the a/c:


A snowbound birdhouse:


The trees were just beautiful!


Only the side of the trees that faced North had snow!


The gang enjoying breakfast:


Just some snow "splats":


My little clothesline:


It was a beautiful morning - so pretty!


 The deck rails:


 The pen stayed nice and dry because I had plastic sheeting on all the sides


The weatherman said we might get flurries on Monday...........



  1. In a surprisingly short time we all will be talking about the heat.
    Good photos and nice trick with the bag!
    We got 8-ish inches of very wet and dense snow in our area of Philly, and the snow thrower struggled even in first gear.
    It was still far better than shoveling.

    1. We had only about 14 inches - not too bad, but not too good either!! Just tired of it!

  2. Replies
    1. The worst part is when the snow goes over the top of your boots and your socks get wet..... Ugh!

  3. WOW!!!And to think, I complained about the on and off snow squalls we had yesterday. Please stay safe in all that snow!!!

    1. Had a appointment today about 40 miles south of Coopville - they had 2 FEET of the stuff and lost power for two days - the schools down there were closed. We were lucky for a change!! :o)

  4. Thank goodness, all we got was a few flurries.

    1. We had some flurries early this morning - but now the sun is out!
      Hooo-ray! :o)

  5. Wow, I like snow, but then I've never lived with it. Stay safe & warm!

    1. Every year it seems we get higher and higher amounts of the stuff (or am I getting shorter)? LOL!! :o)