Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Red in the morning....

                                                     ..... ANOTHER Nor'easter on the way!!!!

But it was a beautiful sunrise yesterday....

Hard to see how pretty it was....

....can't wait until I can get all the windows clean.....

Now you know how really sick I am of Winter - I  WANT to clean -  LOL!

Still cold out:

Let the gang out so I could could put fresh bedding in the coop and the pen:

Still have blops of snow left over - it will be all covered again tomorrow...

Some boids just hanging out:

This little robin is gonna be in for a big surprise later today!!

The clean coop loaded with hay and shavings -
I just love the aroma of fresh hay!

Getting leftover veggies from dinner - you would think that they never ate...

Charlie is plumper than a turkey!
(and with that neck, he looks like one, too)!


  1. Replies
    1. Just starting to get light here, Gorges. No snow yet, just cloudy. Keep warm and cozy!

  2. "Blops of snow," a new term, and I'm stealing it!

    Spring is overdue here as well, and while I'm not looking forward to frying hot weather, I would like to enjoy the month of nice temps that usually come at this time of year.

    1. I PROMISE not to complain when the hot weather finally get here!!!

    2. We have such quaint sayings here in Joisey! :o)