Monday, December 17, 2018

The weekend


The sky cleared for about 10 minutes when I put the gang in for the night:


I leave a peanut for Rocky on the rail every morning when I feed Charlie and the girls:

To darn wet outside to do anything, so I finished the tree:

Hubby saw this at the store - We named him Bullwinkle!

'Hope you guys had better weather than we did!



  1. Love your tree....rain rain rain here, tho the temps have been pretty mild:))

  2. OK, I see Rocky eating the peanut. Where is Boris and Natasha? And the rest of the gang?

    Years and years ago two new employees walked in at the same time, and the male introduced himself by saying, "Hi, I'm Boris." I turned to the person who was female and of course said, "You must me Natasha."
    That doesn't work if the person had never ever seen or heard of the TV program. Sigh.

  3. Just name your next two chickens Boris and Natasha!

  4. Replies
    1. The sun came out for an hour today - now it's cloudy, windy and cold - might get flurries tonight. :o(