Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Got an extra 5 million????

If 'ya do - you can get these beauties:

Attributed to Frères Rochat

The only publicly known matching pair of mirror-image gold, enamel, agate, pearl and diamond-set singing bird pistols, made for the Chinese Market
CIRCA 1820
Rectangular gilt brass movements, chain fusées, circular bellows, double-barreled pistol-shaped cases, the grips with translucent scarlet enamel over engine-turned background, set with one pearl and diamond-set and one diamond-set rosette, split pearl-set lower edges, the upper edges decorated with black enamel and pearl-set laurel wreaths, the grips' reverses embellished with gold and black enamel pattern and pearl-set scroll and foliage motifs, both pistols centred by split-pearl framed gold plates chased with a lion on one side and a stag on the reverse, the top edges set with half pearls, gold matted and engraved hammers, the heads of the flint vises engraved with lion's heads, gold vise nuts terminated with diamonds, agate flints, gold pan covers with polished interiors, the outsides engraved with acanthus leaves, their springs terminating with diamonds, opening under the right pan covers for sound, the blue enamelled double barrels decorated with paillonné and laurel foliage simulating damascene works, three barrel-like ramrod pipes to the undersides, the ramrods containing the keys for the bird movements, the birds released by the percussion of the hammers when the triggers are depressed, the front covers opening and revealing painted varicoloured enamel bouquets of flowers over turquoise enamel, the birds set with realistically multicoloured feathers, lifting to the top of the barrels, turning, flapping their wings, opening the beaks and moving their tails, in time to a lifelike imitated bird song, when the song has finished the birds will automatically retreat inside the pistols and the covers will close, unsigned (2)



  1. That is super cool. Simply amazing. If the boids had been chickens they would easily be worth the 5 million. :)

    1. With chickens? Six million - at least...... :o)

  2. Careful, CM. The works of artistic black powder geeks can be seriously addictive...

    1. Ahhhhh! That distinctive aroma of black powder....