Friday, March 24, 2017

Let's go for a ride!

Still cold here in Coopville:

A perfect day to go to the .....:ump"!

Although the sun was shining, it didn't feel too warm!

Lots of snow still on the ground:

A new tractor for this farmer!

Wonder if it's ever gonna melt?

Where the car shows are held on Saturdays after Memorial Day - can't wait!

No ice on the pond - just cold, cold water:

Must go in there soon - homemade CHOCOLATE!

An antique gas pump.  Nah!Can't possibly be an antique - how come I remember them?????

Neat clouds:

Their Christmas decorations are still up!

Have no idea why I took this one......

A good name!

If you look to the left of the wheel, you''ll see a ROBIN!

and ANOTHER one!

Is Spring finally here??????



  1. Thanks for the ride. It was good to get out for a while. Snow is gone here and temps are headed for the 50's. Spring, maybe?
    Love the name of the shop. Brought to mind the name of a second-hand store I once saw in rural Oklahoma named "Cheat'em & Chisel'em." :)

  2. Snow's melting here too, and Robins are courting everywhere I look.

    1. Cloudy and damp here until Wednesday... :o( But after that!!!!!!!

  3. The sky is nice, but the ground is still too white!

    1. Can't wait until it's ALL gone, Gorges! Soon.....